Cruzin South Night, August 11, 2010 was a huge success.  The room was packed as everyone was anticipating the announcements that were forthcoming.

Cruzin South made the announcement that they were going to focus on the website more as it was growing rapidly.  With over 10,000 hits a week, people were demonstrating that they wanted to know what was going on in the Mid-South by 'hitting' on the website and viewing the calendar of events. "Our website and magazine is about events, when and where they are.  It is about the businesses that support the website, magazine and the community as a whole.  And finally, the people who read our magazine and visit our website that pulls it all together.  There are so many great events going on everywhere and no place to go and found and when and where.  These events are charity driven for some great cause.  We are the one place to promote them and get the word out!” Donna Wadford, Owner of Cruzin South stated,

Cruzin South also announced they are planning and sponsoring three great events a year.  "There are so many events going on and we can't sponsor them all.  We have decided to partner with the community and promote three great events and I mean great.  We will be hosting the First Annual presents WINTER WHEELS Indoor Car and Bike Show this winter, our 8th Annual Cruzin South BIG M Motorfest held Mothers day Saturday of each year, and finally the First Annual Cruzin South Hooker Hood Annual Classic at Riverside International Speedway each July.  These three events will be outstanding and three that the community can support and have a great time at.  The two new events will become as historical as our Big M Motorfest," states Donna Wadford.

There are some changes happening to the website over the next month.  We will have voting for the front cover of the Annual Cruzin South Magazine.  Readers will have the opportunity to vote for not only the feature car on the website, but the Cover Model, the Famous Ms. Cruzin South.  The voting will take place on the website each month and then tallied for the winner.  A monthly featured car will also highlight the website.

"We are honored to be partnering with NAPA Auto Parts and have them not only advertise on our website, but play a more active role by sponsoring a NAPA KNOW HOW Tech Tips page.  This is one way that they can communicate with the community their knowledge and love of cars and bikes.  We are also proud to release that the famous Cruzin South Calendar will now be known as the, NAPA CRUZIN CALENDAR," explains Donna.

Geico has again joined forces with us as have many other great advertisers and is eager to grow with the website.

Cruzin South is proud to announce these news breaking announcements and is proud that after four years the community has so graciously grown and supported the magazine."It is obvious that we have filled a niche and we are so excited about the changes," boasts Donna Wadford.



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